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The advent of globalisation has dramatically accelerated the pace at which international business is conducted.
With this momentum has come a corresponding call on service operations and technology to meet tomorrow’s international trading demands today.
Identifying this demand in the shipping, freight forwarding, customs clearing, warehousing, transport and distribution sectors – and appreciating the challenges these demands present – GMA Logistics (Pty) Ltd. has established a wholly South African owned black empowered enterprise that offers customers the care, capacity and capability to successfully deliver the goods personally and professionally.
In keeping with the commitment of the GMA Group to black empowerment and uplifting the historically disadvantaged peoples of South Africa, a dedicated and independent black controlled company has been established in which GMA Logistics has a minority stake. The B-BBEE scorecard for this associated company, namely African Transit, confirms the certified status of Level One.

Across the country … around the world.

Globally Orientated, Locally Dominant.

An international network of agents, partners and associate operations ensures that GMA Logistics is globally positioned to offer customers personalised hands on service and support during all phases of the project, no matter where in the world a consignment is destined. It is an international network that not only ensures the facilitation of the most advanced freight and forwarding technology, but is positioned to call upon specialist skills when required, as well as taking into account the need to work within cultural and trading boundaries.

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E. D. G. Arcache
Managing Director

F. Smith


P. J. Cottrell

With more than a hundred years of shipping and financial experience in their combined portfolios, the directors of GMA Logistics bring a wealth of financial and shipping experience to the boardroom table.

Their ability to bring market related practicality to the corporate decision-making process is a key component in the success of the enterprise.

The board is charged with the responsibility of successfully navigating international trading waters to ensure that every GMA Logistics customer receives the attention they expect from a committed organization.

Durban Head OfficeDurban Head Office

Members of:

The South African Association of Freight Forwarders as well as the International Air Transport Association.